Technology Integration

Get the best infrastructure available. When facing a time-sensitive delivery, so much can depend on a seamless, up-to-date combination of software and hardware that responds directly to your team’s needs.

Our technology integration services include:

Technology Assessment and Planning

Your processes get more sophisticated every day, and so do your technology requirements. Acosys takes a structured approach to assessing your current and future systems to respond to your needs.

System Introductions and Updates

Seamless introductions and updates keep your business running on schedule. We can help you define requirements, prioritize, and validate improvements.

Software Development, Customization, and Support

Whether it’s as simple as a database or as complex as a browser-based client management system, we have the experience and expertise to get you what you need, when you need it. From development of custom-tailored solutions, to support, to deployment.

System and UAT Testing

Our analysts work with your teams to develop test strategies, scenarios, and scripts that ensure your system is meeting its objectives.