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Kahnawake tests out new dollar-tracking program


David Acco stands before a projector screen showing off a new software system he hopes will answer critics of First Nations financial management. After spending the majority of his adult life around software and IT, Acco's latest project has been to develop an accounting program intended specifically for Indigenous communities. The result is the Native Economic Management System. It was created by Acco, co-founder of the native consulting firm Acosys Consulting Services Inc., and the economic-development commission in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake.

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Acosys Breaks New Ground – Montreal Gazette Article


For aboriginals searching for work off the reserve, it can be a rocky, frustrating path. One Montreal company has made smoothing that road its prime directive by providing meaningful experience and business education for First Nations people. Acosys Consulting is an aboriginal-owned company founded in 2006 by labour lawyer Julie Lepage and business analyst and project manager David Acco. More than 70 per cent of its staff are Native employees and it won the Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence award in November.

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