Social Impact

We know our Internships work.

We have many success stories and many more to come.

The AIP’s first graduate began in 2009 and graduated in 2010. While at Acosys she performed project work with Acosys senior consultants and achieved a certificate in Business Analyst Masters Certificate from the Schulich School of Business; today she works as a Business Analyst at a major company, a position she secured on her own merits and independently. To quote her, the AIP is “a bridge that provided the skills, experience, and confidence to move me from NGOs into the private sector.” She credits our AIP with jump starting her professional career.

In their own words:

ACOSYS’s Aboriginal Internship Program has given me the opportunity to gain real work experience and expand my professional networks while allowing me to work in a globally recognized company.- Joni Diabo

Being a young Mohawk woman, the idea of working in the corporate world can be daunting, but the Aboriginal Internship Program has opened doors for me that I never knew existed and I would recommend this program to anyone who desires a lifelong career.- Erin Montour

Network Growth

Indigenous networks in the business world tend to be smaller than those in the public sector, meaning there’s less opportunity. Acosys’ AIP counters this by nourishing the corporate networks, setting off an upward spiral of inclusion.

Boosting Capacity

Communities learn to capitalize on development plans like Plan Nord, the Ring of Fire, and the Oil Sands, no longer just through labour, but at the professional level. This enhances the management of Indigenous assets, by Indigenous people.

Models for Success

Successful Interns become inspirations for others in their communities: confidence blooms, and positive perception of Indigenous people is reinforced.