Talent Management

Help your team grow. We assist our clients from recruitment, to retention, to policy advice. We also assist both their business units and recruiters in engaging resources, and readying the candidates themselves for the client’s business and operations. This attention to detail stems from our formal training as Certified Human Resources Professionals, our experience of what works and what doesn’t, and the knowledge that each of our customers has its own “on the ground” reality.

Our services include:

Employee Relations

Promoting cooperation and fairness, Acosys Consulting Services provides expert advice and assistance to employers on all aspects of Human Resources and Labour Relations matters.

Acosys acts as an impartial third party for its clients, to prevent or resolve complex problem situations: our methodology respects confidentiality and ensures the fairness of procedures, while respecting the highest ethical principles. Acosys can determine the admissibility of complaints, make recommendations to prevent future workplace disputes, recommend appropriate measures to ensure a healthy workplace, investigate workplace harassment, and offer solutions such as training, mediation, facilitation, and conciliation.

Acosys offers a wide range of services, measures, and initiatives to assist employers in creating and maintaining a healthy environment in the workplace. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary structure allows us to assemble customized teams that offer our clients tailored advice and counsel unique to their situation.

Indigenous Talent Management

Attracting Indigenous talent requires unique strategies, and even once recruited, your Indigenous resources have unique needs in the workplace. Whether you’re an Indigenous or non-Indigenous organization, we can help you manage your talent more effectively. We have assisted a number of customers in developing a full-cycle HR recruitment and integration strategy targeting Indigenous professionals.

Recruitment and Screening

Our talent management team has been training in a rigorous methodology that ensures our talent responds fully and directly to your requirements, within your timelines.


From developing, organizing, delivering, and evaluating, to cross-industry benchmarking. Acosys has created and delivered live workshops and online courses in Human Resources Management, Critical Thinking for Decision Makers, and others.

Policy Development

Make sure your policies and workforce comply with the latest provincial and federal legislation. We can help you with Harassment Policy, Contractor Policy, Employee Guidelines/Integration, and more.