Training, mentoring and employment

Acosys is committed to providing these things to all Indigenous people who have a desire to work in the field of business consulting. Our Aboriginal Internship Program (AIP) helps make that happen. These internships provide candidates with the skills and experience necessary to become in-demand professionals.

Professional Roles

Our program takes qualified candidates and places them in roles such as Business Analyst, Human Resources Specialist, Project Manager, and others, giving them the experience they need to take control of their careers. Candidates include recent graduates just beginning their careers, as well as more experienced public sector workers looking to make a transition.

Permanent Placement

After a thorough selection and interviewing process, the interns work for our clients on a contract-to- hire basis for a period of 52 weeks, matched with senior consultants as coaches and monitors. They may also perform coursework that leads to industry recognized certification. At the end of this period the client typically extend the contract or hire the resource permanently.