Our Services

Consulting with a Difference

Our clients are all different. They have diverse needs, which we address with custom-made solutions. Providing direction is the golden thread that runs through our operations, and it’s why our clients come to us.

Government Clients

We are qualified suppliers within the federal Tasks and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) procurement vehicle, holding both a Supply Arrangement and a Standing Offer. In addition, we are qualified both as a standard supplier and as an Aboriginal supplier through the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses (PSAB), which opens additional avenues of procurement for our government clients.

Service streams

We offer three streams of service:

Business Solutions

Effective management demands continuous improvement, especially in today's business world, where change is constant. You may need unique expertise: that’s what we’re here for.

Technology Integration

You need the best infrastructure you can get. When it comes to a tight delivery, so much can depend on a seamless, up-to-date combination of software and hardware that responds directly to your needs.

Talent Management

We help our clients from recruitment, to retention, to policy advice. We also help both their business units and recruiters engage resources, and help the candidates ready themselves for the client’s business and operations.

We offer end-to-end business solutions that assist our clients in consolidating their vision, planning their next steps, customizing their infrastructure, integrating their business processes, and then measuring the results. And we can manage the entire process for you.

Providing direction in nearly every major industry, including: